This beautiful property is a short walk from the famous French Quarter and is surrounded by a plurality of local restaurants, bars, and attractions. The house features high ceilings, a spacious master suite, large entertainment spaces, an open kitchen, as well as an adorable deck and backyard space.
3400-3404 DAUPHINE
This property was transformed from three separate buildings into six unique residential apartments. Each apartment incorporates aspects of the property’s industrial past life with new renovations as well as modern cosmetic improvements.
3231 Annunciation
The property is fully renovated and includes salvaged wood floors from the Port of New Orleans, contemporary wood cabinets, as well as modern stainless steel appliances and fixtures. The Annunciation street duplex is a short walk from the celebrated Magazine Street.
The restoration and improvement of the 42,500 square feet of leasable space within the property will promote community engagement and will provide a common space for leisurely activities for all individuals within the mid-city area. The second phase of the construction process will create an additional 120 residential units.
This 2-bed 2-bath single family residence is fully renovated and features repurposed original tongue and groove hard-wood floors, historic wooden windows, contemporary wood kitchen cabinets, and modern appliances and fixtures.
The project will consist of two phases; the first phase encompasses the revitalization of a 13,500 SF commercial building located on the corner of Government Street and Community College Drive. Phase II of the project will entail a new construction multifamily development of 60+ apartments.
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Originally built as a laundromat in the 1950's, this property has been renovated into 6 residential apartments.
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