At Kimble Properties, we value honesty, integrity, teamwork and humility, but most importantly, our company is passionate about succeeding and doing everything the right way. Our firm strives to produce quality homes, promote community equity, tackle urban blight, and propel socioeconomic growth in the neighborhoods we invest in as they are underserved with the resources that promote such developments. We look to take part in the transition of these communities and continually ensure that these changes accommodate all of the people within them. Our company believes in rebuilding the urban core of small to mid-size cities and primarily focuses on historic renovations and urban infill projects. In this context, our capital fuels the redevelopment of once neglected properties in both emerging and established urban communities and thus, creates community wealth.


Anthony Kimble 


Anthony Kimble is a recognized leader in the Baton Rouge community and is the founder and managing partner of Kimble Properties LLC, a privately held real estate investment and development company. In addition to his role at Kimble Properties, Mr. Kimble is an avid mentor in his own youth basketball program, a serial entrepreneur, and a dedicated social activist. Mr. Kimble was born and raised in Baton Rouge and attended Stanford University, where he was a Science, Technology, and Systems major, as well as a member of the varsity football team. His primary objective is to teach the value of wealth building, property ownership, and financial literacy to individuals in the communities he grew up in, which have historically been disadvantaged.


Through his work in the real estate community, Mr. Kimble seeks to expose the youth in these neighborhoods to the value of entrepreneurship and the power of owning property. Moreover, Mr. Kimble places a major emphasis on sustainable design and repurposing, as he believes that every historical property has a story to tell. His interests in urban sustainability prompted him to pursue a master’s degree in sustainable real estate development from Tulane University and have propelled the company’s efforts in promoting sustainable living and ecologically friendly practices.

Steven Fletcher is in his second year with Kimble Properties LLC. Mr. Fletcher was born and raised on Long Island, New York and attended Princeton University, where he majored in Sociology and was an active member of the varsity football team. At Princeton, Steven helped create the Princeton FinTech Club, which connected talented undergraduate students with corporations within the broader financial technology industry and served as the Corporate Outreach Director for two years.


In addition, Steven served as a Community Development Associate for the Princeton Pace Center for Civic Engagement, which was responsible for the creation and implementation of innovative initiatives focused on urban development and sustainability across the entire state of New Jersey. Mr. Fletcher is especially interested in the ways in which state and local legislation influence urban planning and redevelopment projects.

Steven Fletcher