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3231 Annunciation

Located in the historic Irish Channel, which was established in order to accommodate the influx of Irish workers that were brought in to construct the New Basin Canal in the early nineteenth century. Today, the Irish Channel is one of the most heterogeneous neighborhoods in New Orleans, as it is comprised of generationally owned properties as well as new developments, which have attracted new residents and visitors. The property is fully renovated and includes salvaged wood floors from the Port of New Orleans, contemporary wood cabinets, as well as modern stainless steel appliances and fixtures. The Annunciation street duplex is a short walk from the celebrated Magazine Street, which is a hallmark of the city and consists of countless specialty retail stores, creative galleries, and fine dining venues.

Location: Irish Channel, New Orleans

Property Type: Residential Duplex

Kimble Properties Scope: Developer

Property Size: 2,448 sq.ft

Completion Date: April, 2018

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