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Centrally located in the mid-city region, a publicly recognized cultural locality, this area has historically been one of the most diverse areas within the Baton Rouge community. This unique location has experienced a recent influx of millennial and creative populations, which has propelled the development of local shops, restaurants, and community engagement programs. The project will consist of two phases; the first phase (Government Village I) encompasses the revitalization of a 13,500 SF commercial building located on the corner of Government Street and Community College Drive. Phase II of the project (Government Village II) will entail a new construction multifamily development of 60+ apartments.

Location: Mid-City, Baton Rouge

Property Type: Mixed-Use

Kimble Properties Scope: Developer and Project Manager

Property Size: 13,500 sq.ft commercial shopping center with a multifamily development of 60+ apartments.

Completion Date: More details on the completion date are coming soon in the near future.

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