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3400-3404 DAUPHINE

Once a bakery in the post-Civil War era, this historic property is located in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, which was declared an official city historic district in 1993. The Bywater’s convenient location, ample amenities and bustling social scene have made it one of the most active areas in New Orleans for new/re-development and has experienced a steady increase in population size since Hurricane Katrina. This property was transformed from three separate buildings into six unique residential apartments. Each apartment incorporates aspects of the property’s industrial past life with new renovations as well as modern cosmetic improvements. Each unit is equipped with stainless steel appliances, modern HVAC systems, and carefully selected fixtures.

Location: Bywater, New Orleans

Property Type: Residential 6-plex

Kimble Properties Scope: Developer and Project Manager

Property Size: 4,000 sq.ft

Completion Date: June, 2018

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